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6 Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs During Link Building

Technology in the realm of the web is ever changing. However for it to metamorphose to the extent that content, link building, and link baiting become redundant has not happened yet. This dream of slow growing sites or of those that are worthy of recognition but get swallowed by the big bad wolf (search engines), is yet to come true. According to those in the know this will happen only when the Semantic Web becomes a reality or when a brand new protocol takes the place of present ones.

As of know for search engines like Yahoo, Google, and MSN links and unique content are the "keys" to high rankings.

In the competitive business of the internet you must make use of all the help you can get. Consider using a publicist who specializes in the net and think about hiring an expert to handle the tiresome and nerve wrecking business of link building. Acknowledged experts are WeBuildPages among many others.

Gurus who have years of net experience recommended that you should avoid:
  • Submitting dummy content in the hope of building links or using one page that has been successful time and again with few changes.
  • Using paid directories the returns are never useful. You will just loose money at an average of USD 15 a hit.
  • Using spamming to build links. The worst thing is to ask questions and post answers yourself using varied IDs for your own site.
  • Using what are known as "garbage" links.
  • Using stolen or copied content.
  • Making use of shams like fake mails that tempt people with great amounts of money.
Links should be built on strong web presence and excellent meaningful content. Only the "right" path will lead to sustaining success. Try:
  • Providing easy to comprehend content and make it exciting and interesting. If content is useful word of it will spread like wildfire and links will pour in.
  • Ensure that the content is well written and has no punctuation or grammar errors. This will ensure that schools, universities, and libraries too will link to your pages.
  • Establish your status by including a picture, writing briefly about the site and your aims and objectives.
  • Submit material to ezines and article sites like EzineArticles, GoArticle, and iSnare.
  • Use syndicated press releases to promote your site
Use fair not foul means to build links or link baiting. Check for orphaned URLs and remove them instantly. What you must do is spring clean, create, update, and delete URLS regularly. Set yourself a schedule of sorts. Employ methods to check dead pages like examining server logs and jotting down all pages that give a 404 file not found error.

Find out as much as you can about the art of link building. A good source of information is Eric Wards' and in depth articles as well as talks. There are other great sources like Patrick and Andy's blog: .

Although link building and linkbaiting are "buzz" words today and are creating great excitement. The process has been in use by serious content-friend webmasters since the beginnings of the World Wide Web.

About the Author : Aaron Brooks is a freelance writer for SeoServices, the premier website to find Seo consulting, link buildings and professionals seo training, online marketing tips, seo tools and more.

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