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Be One Up on Spiders SEO Copywriting Tools

The world acknowledges that content is king where websites and search engines are concerned. But with free articles sites mushrooming all over the internet is flooded with sites using the same article picked up from the free site. But search engines are fine tuned and they know when an article is appearing frequently. Search engines are also paying great attention to "the quality of content."

The great race for high ranking is still being run and while writing SEO content one needs to be search engine savvy. To be successful and a class apart you need to think what will make me different.

Here are a few tips:
  • Avoid think search words. Depart from static though and think "phrases" that represent my site .
  • Ensure that the most important phrase is in the opening sentence of your article and that the sentence makes perfect sense.
  • Plan the article such that paragraph 1 indicates what the content is about and make the article useful and informative. In paragraph one the important phrase should be used twice and each time in two different sentences.
  • Keep in mind 3% density. So, do not saturate the page or use the important phrases to little.
  • Optimize each page and not just page one and two. Let each page have its own key phrases. Key phrases or words must occur at least thrice on a page.
  • Focus on headlines, sub headings, introductions, and text highlighted in bold.
  • Hyperlinks must be surrounded by the "keys."
When writing an article use bullet points, keep the flow simple yet informative, and let the article mean something to the reader.

Try not to revamp an existing article form the web. Search engines can tell when an article has just been given cosmetic changes. Build content that is creative and relevant. Search engines value articles that add knowledge.

Plan the content of the site. Don't be obsessed with SEO maximization the foundation should be a website that adds value and serves a purpose. Content must elaborate the function of the site and enhance its value.

So if the site is a "press release" site then you could include articles and tips in press releases, the role they play, benefits of press releases, and tips on how to write a release.

How to articles as well as content that give tips ensure that a site gets better recognition. Do not think marketing or PR but web while planning the articles. And each page should have at least 250 words.

Make use of research tools like: Wordtracker; Google AdWords Keyword Selection Tool, and Overture Search Term Selection Tool.

Let thoughts flow in easy to understand language and ensure that the content becomes valuable to the reader. Valuable content gets recommended, quotes, discussed, and forwarded to others. So, knowing that content can add a spurt of speed to your site plan wisely.

About the Author : Aaron Brooks is a freelance writer for SeoServices, the premier website to find Seo consulting, link buildings and professionals seo training, online marketing tips, seo tools and more.

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