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Blocked from Emperor Google - use the fast track back in

The World Wide Web has several sides to it and while SEO plays a significant role in how your business succeeds, you must know there is a dark side which some experience and others don't. What can hurt your business the most is being excluded or banned from Google's indexing.

How does this happen? If you are using a SEO company that functions just on the other side of the right side and flaunts all of Google's guidelines or you somehow get a spam penalty. You need to make amends quickly.
  • Comb through your website and check for hidden text, hidden links, doorway pages, or redirections. Determine whether you are guilty of over optimization or what is termed as "SEO Overkill."
  • Read through Google's guidelines and ensure that your site complies with each and every norm. Remove or redo offenders and check and recheck each page thoroughly.
  • Read and understand what SEO overkill means. Take care to do the best for your website but not overkill. Be smart and avoid shady actions. Google sticks to rules and righteously will exclude sites that flaunt norms. So, toe the line at all times.
  • Send a re-inclusion request to Google. You need to log in to Google Sitemaps and choose "request reinclusion" link and follow the steps. Understand Google by reading through the Google webmaster tools.
  • Use Google webmaster discussion group and Google's blog for webmasters for information on Google crawl and indexing methods and share as well as gain expertise from other webmasters.
  • Fill in the reinclusion form clearly and honestly. Write in the subject line " reinclusion request."
  • It pays to be upfront and honest. Admit to mistakes and make sure you fix them. Never try and play innocent, even if the mistakes were made by a contractor the responsibility is still yours alone.
  • Explain clearly where and why the mistakes occurred and that you have made the changes.
  • Avoid being rude or using threats. You will just end up being left out in the cold.
  • Wait for Google to reply patiently. Never flood their email boxes with reminders or follow up letters.
The crux lies in figuring out what is wrong and how to set it right. Google is not out to get you. If you follow all the rules of SEO and fair play as far as Google goes you will face no problem. A user friendly site Google makes all efforts to update its help and other guidelines such that webmasters will benefit.

If you take care to do it right you will be reinstated in no time at all. Some have taken just a week to ten days.

About the Author : Aaron Brooks is a freelance writer for SeoServices, the premier website to find Seo consulting, link buildings and professionals seo training, online marketing tips, seo tools and more.

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